About Me

      I am a professional photographer from Northern Michigan and now residing in the Peninsula of California. I am a self employed photographer living my ultimate dream of teaching my passions to fellow photographers who have the same enthusiasm for the natural world as I do. Before moving to the bay area I worked as a Staff Photographer at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite for four years where I continue to sell my prints today.

     When I was a kid we didn't own a television so I found other more constructive ways to entertain myself. I used to roam around our 200 acre plot of hardwoods, apple orchards, and creeks exploring the mysteries of the forest. I became familiar with the land, how it was connected to me, and developed a deep relationship with the earth. My world exists out my front door, on top of the mountain, and underneath a never-ending scape of stars and planets.

     When I was about 18 years old I decided that I wanted to capture these moments of bliss and share them with others. I picked up a camera and haven't put one down since. I feel that photographs help remind us and connect us with the life beyond the ordinary. There are beautiful sunsets waiting patiently just west of your backdoor that are so intense that they will drag tears from your eyes and leave you a different person.




Happy Shooting!