Mighty Earth Photography

  • Spring Wildflowers, Santa Cruz Mountains, CA
  • Hills Of Color, Santa Cruz Mountains, CA
  • Golden Sunset, Succulents
  • Hart Lake and the Starr King
  • Golden Gate and Bee Clover
  • Half Paint, Half Pixels
  • Sunflowers and Sea
  • Splendidis Terra
  • Awaken
  • SleepingGiant,Banff
  • BarneyLake
  • HalfDome,Olmstead,Sunrise
  • Excelsior,BryceCanyonWeb
  • olmsteadpointstars-web
  • LodgepolePines,Tuolumne-WEB



Phil's work is mostly concentrated in Landscape photography in the National Parks and the surrounding wilderness. He  currently teaches landscape photography and editing technique through his company, Mighty Earth Photography, while running a wedding photography business with his sister in the Bay Area and New York. 

Phil's love for his artistry show's through his stunning images and masterful compositions. His photographs have been internationally recognized and his passion for photography is coupled with his love for hiking and exploring the National Parks and captivating landscapes across the globe.

"I find that one rarely has to search long for a photograph. Open your eyes a little wider, exist here, and listen carefully to the earth around you. This is where the true spirit of the photograph lives" Phillip Nicholas